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Perception Museums (in Europe)

Sandro del Prete's dolphins

When you come to Europe (with your kids), don't miss the little perception museums:

Turm der Sinne, Nürnberg Homunculus, Turm der Sinne "Turm der Sinne" in Nürnberg!

The Barn

Bernd Lingelbach's "The Barn"! • 3sat VideoPhoenix Video


Explora (Erlebnismuseum, Frankfurt)

master of illusions Sandro

Illusoria-Land in Switzerland. Check out the dolphins, supposedly visible only to kids

tower illusions plasma ball

A fun perception museum in Edinburgh/Scotland is the Camera Obscura, and further north in Kirriemuir

dynamic earth

Also in Edinburgh is the natural science museum Dynamic Earth. In Dundee there is sensation

Perception Museums (elsewhere)

I wanted to limit the fun part to Europe. Oh well -- what the heck; here are more, elsewhere. It probably all started with the Exploratorium in San Francisco, which you all know. Here are some that you don't know:

puzzling world

PuzzlingWorld is in New Zealand. It has the largest Ames room of all and a great suite of tilted rooms, according to Robert O'Shea.

Art connected to Vision Science

bowl Arts exhibition at the Torre di Sulis during ECVP 2012 in Alghero


eye piano

Michael Bach's Illusions page


Viperlib Illusions


Best Illusion of the Year Contest

Webvision Home Page


IllusionWorks Home Page

Bradley U., IL

Another illusions resource list with (partially outdated: Herrmann grid) explanations and a somewhat misleading (because health-related) title, from Bradley Univ., IL:
"A Nurse's Guide to [...] Illusions"


Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World (discontinued)


Visiome Platform (Riken)


Amazing Illusions

grand illusions

A toys and illusions shop

New Optical

A "collection of visual, scary and funny illusions"


Martin Mißfeldt from Berlin plays with classical illusions. Check out his Old/young woman video


LITE, a free collection of visual illusion apps

Campbell-Robson Chart, Izumi Ohzawa Campbell-Robson Chart (Izumi Ohzawa)
Optics4Kids Optics4Kids from OSA
Kid's Pages Kid's Pages from NIH
Neuroscience for Kids Neuroscience for Kids
Unite for Sight Unite for Sight, for Kids

Promotional Link Collections

Amazingly often, link collections on illusions are put together to promote a shop that carries material somehow related to vision. These link collections are generally interesting to browse through. What I don't like is a tendency to plagiarize others' work; they rarely give credit to the artists and often give little sound explanation for the illusion. Hmm. So, with hesitation, here are a few:

Grab your glasses

Play Tricks on Your Eyes

Laser Eye Surgeons

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Deceiving Art: A Guide to Stereograms

Understanding perception (Nothing is really explained, though.)